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PMP exam re-take; some doubts

edited February 2014 in PM Certifications

Hi there,

I have a doubt regarding retaking the PMP exam and eligibility period. I have applied in last May 2013 and after an audit my application has been selected. I was eligible to take the test from May 2013 to 05 June 2014. I scheduled the test on July 2013 and failed in that attempt.

My pmi dashboard gives the information as follows "Your eligibility expires on 05 Jun 2014". As per my understanding - I think once the PMP Exam application is approved - everyone will be able to write three attempts in that particular 1 year eligibility. Please clarifiy this. Well, in my case I am planning to take the test somewhere in Aug 2014 - since I think that is the right time - thinking about my current project priorities.

I have the following doubts. Request to clarify.

  1. Can I apply for PMP exam after June 2014? (My PMI membership still holds good till Oct 2014 - anyways I plan to renew it after that time also)

  2. The term "eligibility expires by june 2014" - means I may need to go with the ordeal of a fresh application after June 2014? But I think I will be still able to get the discount of pmi member exam retake of 275$ right?or i need to pay 405$?

  3. Can i apply for exam within June 2014 by paying 275$ and then actually schedule the exam later - as per my plan of Aug 2014?

Request you to look into my concerns and help me.


S Menon


  • Hello S Menon,

    Welcome to PM Hangout.

    You need to take your exam by 05 Jun 2014. In fact, I think when you try to schedule your next attempt, the system will not even allow you to schedule it after that date. PMI membership has absolutely nothing to do with your exam eligibility. It can only help you save on the examination / reexamination cost.

    If you really cannot take the exam by the eligibility date, you have 2 options:

    a. Write to PMI and request for extension. They are very unlikely to extend your eligibility, but I know of 1 recent case where it was allowed.

    b. If they don't allow for extension, then you'll need to file a fresh exam application and pay the full fee of $405 (for members). You can't do #3. It's not worth the hassle and you should try to take and pass the exam by 05 Jun 2014 somehow.

    I think I've answered all your questions. But let me know if I missed something or you have further questions.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Harvinder for the valuable clarification.

    S Menon

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