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Hi all,

I'm planning to add a new exam to the BrainBOK platform ( with community-sourced sample questions. Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  1. The exam will be free for everyone.
  2. Any one can contribute questions to the exam but the questions must be substantially original.
  3. Each question would be attributed to the author/contributor with an option for a hyperlink to his/her website or blog or profile page.
  4. The questions can be reposted to this forum or any other forum for discussion, but the attribution to the original author must be maintained.
  5. I'll provide a template (as a Google form) to submit the entries.
  6. We can form a committee of 3-4 certified PMPs who can review / vet the questions before adding them to the question bank.
  7. I'll take care of uploading the questions to the BrainBOK question bank.
  8. If the question bank grows to a substantial size, we can turn it into a full-length PMP and CAPM style-exams following PMI's blueprint (exam content outline).
  9. I can add some 'reward' system for the top-contributor of the week/month etc. We can discuss more about it if there's sufficient interest.
  10. You'll get to enjoy all the features of a full exam simulator (saving/resuming exams, reviewing past exam history, unlimited number of retakes, online and emailed score reports, marking questions for review, and much more) absolutely free.
  11. It would be a win-win for all stakeholders (PMP / CAPM aspirants, the contributors, and BrainBOK).

Do you guys think it's a good idea? Would you be interested to contribute and support this initiative?

Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, comments.

Best regards,

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