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cost estimation percentage wise

i want to know in detail about project cost estimation,how much percentage should b given to each phase.


  • Accepted Answer

    Hi Imran,

    Cost estimation is done at the activity level. Activities are created from work packages in the WBS, which in turn is created from the scope. We don't simply allocate cost by phases. Once estimation is complete, the Determine Budget process helps to define the project funding requirements by time periods. Project cost typically is highest when the work is being carried out on the project. Refer to figure 2.8 in the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition that shows the typical distribution of project cost across the project life cycle.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further queries.

  • Thanks a lot sir,definitely it will help me to estimate cost .actually i am involve in cost estimation of many change request.which are still in feed
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