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PMP Test - Am I ready for the test?

Hi everyone,

I have been studying and working hard on preparing for the PMP test over the last 5 months. I have been told that I need to score 85% and above on practice tests before I go and take the exam. I have taken just about every test I can take. and I am averaging 75% on the test. Below are some of the tests sites I have used. I read the PMBOK guide, and I have read Rita Mulcahy twice. I took all of the test in her book again and below are my scores. I have focused my studying on HR, Communication and Risk management. I also have the chart memorized and I score pretty well around 70 to 75% on inputs and outputs. I really want to pass on my first try and want to be sure that I am ready. Any advice for me? By the way I have been accepted from PMI so all I need to do is pick a day and take the test. Thank you.

  • PMP Den
  • Exam Central
  • Oliver Lehmann (70%)
  • Head First
  • PM Aspire
  • Passionate PM
  • etc...

Rita Chapter scores
84% -4 25 Project Management Framework
84% -4 25 Project Management Processes
74% -11 43 Integration Management
80% -6 30 Scope Management
86% -5 38 Time Management
74% -10 39 Cost Management
71% -10 35 Quality Management
67% -11 34 Human Resource Management
66% -10 30 Communications Management
65% -14 40 Risk Management
73% -11 40 Procurement Management
80% -6 30 Professional and Social Responsibility


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