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Can Singaporeans use SkillsFuture Credit to pay for PMI Membership and PMP Certification Renewal?

edited February 2023 in PM Certifications

In Singapore, I know that SkillsFuture credits can be used to pay for PMP Certification Exam Fees and other popular PM and IT certification exams. However, can SkillsFuture credits be used to pay for PMI Membership and PMP certification renewal or other renewal of other certifications? Renewing PMP Certification as a member costs $60 versus $150 as a non-member. Those who have multiple PMI-accredited certifications can save even more by signing up for PMI Membership. So, it makes sense to sign up for the membership if you have multiple certifications to be renewed in the same year or so.

This is not an advertisement for PMI Membership or SkillsFuture. I'm genuinely interested to know the answer. I tried to search online but couldn't find a definitive answer. Hope someone can share their personal experience on this.


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