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Report Performance vs Distribute Information

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According to the PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition:

Report Performance is the process of collecting and distributing performance information, including status reports, progress measurements, and forecasts.

If Report Performance information is the process of "distributing" performance information, then what is the purpose of Distribute Information process? It is noteworthy that Performance Reports, which are an output of Report Performance, are an input to Distribute Information.

Ref: PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition, Section 10.5, Page 266



  • Accepted Answer

    The definition of Process 38. Report Performance as quoted above is not consistent with the main Output established for the same process.

    The PMBOK® Guide registers Performance Reports as a main output of process 38, and it does not mention anything about the distribution of such reports. Otherwise, the guide would have established as a main output something such as "Performance Reports Distributed" and it did not.

    Process 38 then refers exclusively, as I interpreted it in my first readings, to the production of the Performance Reports. The distribution of the Performance Reports becomes in turn a matter of Process 28. Distribute Information.

    In my view, the oversight lies in the definition of process 38 as quoted and it should be corrected by the authors in order to avoid confusion. I, however, might be mistaken in these observations. I would like to listen to other opinions. Thanks.

  • @raulcid

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are on the same page. Let's hear what others have to say.

  • Hello, I'm new here and preparing to sit the CAPM exam.

    Forgive me if my question is deemed to be hijacking this thread but I am currently revising the Communications chapter and the above discussion finds me questioning. If you were asked in the exam through which process you would distribute perfromance reports, as it currently stands, what would be the correct answer? Having looked again at the chapter and bearing the above in mind my answer would now be Distribute Information but I am still unsure about it.

    I am not a practising PM and so perhaps lack the real life experience to be sure about this..

    Many Thanks


  • Hello @Keeva,

    Your question is quite relevant to the thread. My answer is Distribute Information. Performance reports are an output of Report Performance and an input to Distribute Information. The latter puts the reports in the hands of the stakeholders.

    I think this issue has been clarified in PMBOK 5, which is due by the end of this year.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks very much Harwinder, lightening fast response!! I can carry on revising for the evening now, appreciate it :)

  • @Keeva - you are welcome. If you have any other questions along the way, do not hesitate to post them on the forum. Good luck.

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